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Elsewhere, gay scenes tend to be underground. You just need to know where to go. While not necessarily dedicated gay venues, some bars and restaurants have gay nights and events. A word of warning: Also, be aware of possible police harassment around gay clubs and cruising areas in Moscow. Ultimately, while visiting Russia sounds like a scary prospect for LGBTQI travellers, there are plenty of opportunities for a great experience.

More on the Guide The battle for gay rights in Australia began long before marriage equality A brief look back at the fight for the right to be. Signout Register Sign in. Be discreet and you can still have a gay ol' trip to Russia. Previous Next Show Grid.

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Previous Next Hide Grid. By Jim Mitchell. Richard Ayoade and friend Greg Davies wisely show no affection in Moscow. Anti-gay vigilante groups can be extremely violent towards their victims.

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He was the first guy I ever held hands with in public. We met at a popular gay bar on December 1, and he was talking to a Spanish guy that I was checking out.

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  • I was interested for two reasons: And then, of course, because he was cute. I said, "Hi," and we started to talk, and I didn't pay attention to Max. The Spanish guy eventually introduced me, and the three of us spent the night together dancing, then ended up at Times Square, drinking hot chocolate and talking.

    By the end of the night, I realized I was paying attention to the wrong guy, because the guy who made me feel butterflies in my stomach was Max. Big from Sex and the City. I still remember everything about our first date. He told me about his family and his childhood; As we got to know each other, I realized that we are total extreme opposites. I liked the way Max talks, he has the sort of voice you hear on evening radio.

    I like to watch him while he sleeps and listen to him breathe. He doesn't know it, but I wake up first in the morning just so I can watch him while he sleeps.

    And he always smells good. Although he only cooks once in a blue moon, when it happens, the things he makes are delicious.

    Russian crime gangs exploit dating sites to blackmail gay men - SFGate

    I still wonder what his secret ingredients must be. Recently Max asked me to move in with him. What if I do something wrong or mess it up? So when I got the scholarship to study dance, I got in touch and he ended up letting me stay with him at his place in Queens for a few months.

    We spent a lot of time talking; he speaks Russian and used to live in Nizhny Novgorod. Soviet morality officially condemns homosexuality and deems it a crime punishable by imprisonment of seven years or more, depending on the particular offense.

    What It's Like Being a Gay Russian Asylum Seeker in America

    In the Soviet Union gay political groups or parties are illegal since they would interfere with the state's monopoly on politics. All gay sexual acts, pornography, and personal associations are illegal because they contravene the state's supposed infallibility on questions of morality.

    Gay in Russia: Viktor tells of persecution in Chechnya - DW English

    If they were to decide tomorrow that homosexuality was ok, they could repeal the anti-homosexuality laws and call-off the KGB queer-hunt in a single act.