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Jackie is able to clearly lay out the gospel, share personal stories of how this through has changed her heart and life and inspires the reader to settle for nothing less in their own life. I was so helped by Mrs. The biblical lens through which she tells her story makes it immediately applicable to all of us brothers and sisters in Christ whose sanctification is of greatest importance. She has much to teach us—and she does so with honesty, with grace, and with humility. I am so glad I read this book. I will, undoubtedly, revisit it many times.

The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been

I ran into this young lady on Youtube. I purchased this audio to hear more about her story. Jackie has an incredible gift with words. She has been blessed to narrate her story in a very hip way. I am grateful that it was her who did the narrating. She tells a truth using quotes from some of our leading Christian writers.

Most of all and most important, she quotes the Scripture throughout letting you know how the Word of GOD and the Holy Spirit changed her life, and can change even the heterosexual who deals with other temptations.

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She speaks of how she had to learn to say "no" to the same-sex attractions that cropped up in her life. Amazing story that I cannot wait to share with my friends. This is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to learn how to talk to homosexual and heterosexual friends about this subject.

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The book wasn't what I thought it would be, but it was very insightful. I gained a lot of wisdom in the feelings of a part of culture that I am surrounded by, but knew nothing about. The thoughts, ideas and actions this author used to overcome her sexual desires are applicable to a multitude of other sins, if we are simply willing to do so. Beautiful picture of the transformative power of the gospel, absolutely relevant to all persons regardless of age, gender, relationship status. You will be blessed by this book, I was!

Jackie Hill Perry is a year-old writer, speaker and artist, who was born in St. She writes that she has written this book out of love for what a good God what done for her — loving her and giving her new life and a new heart. She tells us that what God has done to her soul is worth telling. It is to invite us into her worship.

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The book is broken into three parts. Part 1: Who I Was The author tells us that she was attracted to girls before she knew how to spell her name. After discussing what took place in her second grade classroom, she writes that in she was asked by a girl at a high school dance if she wanted to be her girlfriend. But when she thought of the girl she would think of spending eternity in hell. Eventually she gave in, however. Satan told her to do what felt good. She trusted herself more than she trusted God. Sin was better than submission. Louis club in This would eventually lead to a pregnancy.

Jackie writes of him dying unexpectedly at a relatively young age. Jackie was sexually abused by a teen-age family member in a dark basement. As she grew up, her experiences with men in her life were an absentee father and a sexually abusive relative. As a lesbian, Jackie was manly, and her girlfriend wanted her to play the role of the stud in their relationship. Back of homosexual men walking in the rain.

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